Any interest in PFIC Get Togethers?

I am interested. I usually fish farther north, ie humbolt bay down to mendocino but would like to expand my horizons. It all depends on timing , work, etc. There are probably more lurkers like myself who would show but cant commit at this time. As for organization, the simpler the better. You do enough work already.

Ken Jones

Staff member
It looks like the numbers are going up. So far, to date:

Orange County — 5
Los Angeles — 5
Central Coast (Santa Cruz) — 8
Bay Area — 8

Let's keep adding to the list. Would it help if we had a derby? A raffle? What could bring the number up?


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Is this going to be planned as a public event? Or PFIC members only?
Ken, I sent a pm to you about the raffles, let me know. 😀

Ken Jones

Staff member
I would think anyone could come. Our immediate family includes those who are registered and who post but many people simply watch the posts. Both, to me, seem to be members of the larger family of interested anglers.
I think a lot of members are being low key now with winter cold probably as spring summer get near more people will be interested sounds fun I'm in for some of the piers seal belmont newport balboa