Alaska trip 7/20-25/2020 part one.

Alaska is an incredible place. Looks like you had a great trip. Great write up as usual also. The price of the 2nd halibut is based off what the lodge pays the state for commercial quota. The lodges are allowed to buy (not all do) commercial qouta to allow their anglers to keep a second halibut of any size. The lodge then charges the angler a fee to repay their expenditure on the qouta. The regs up there are crazy. I have gone up there twice to a do it yourself lodge. Each side of the island has different regs and every river has its own regs. All part of the fun.
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You are right, except for my flights the first class was more than doubled.

The companion ride is for $120.00 I think.

I am hoping by next year, with my purchases, to get a free flight.

By the way they charge $75.00/year fee, but the first year after so many charges, they gave me $100.00 credit!

It is best to check their website for info.