Afternoon rpt-Balboa Pier Sunday 10-13-19


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I finally managed to land a couple dinky bonito, they were boiling in the morning all the way until about noon, then it just stopped, might have been scared off by the 3 fat sea lions that were begging for handouts.
I tried the slider with some sardines, they were all too huge but i tried anyway. No takers except sea lions ripping me off. I tried various lures until I finally got hooked up on small bonito with a 2 oz P-Line green glitter knife jig, both bites they hit on the drop, but had many chasing the jig. Seems they wanted to chase fast heavy jigs. Threw one dink back in, gave the other away to one of the regulars who wanted it.

Didnt see much action most of the day, i left around 2:00pm, after about 12:30, i couldnt even get sardines to bite anymore. I did manage to rescue a garbage bag from the water as spectators watched me play golf, and finally on the fifth cast i was able to snagnit out of the water; i was hoping it was full of wasnt 😸

Others were getting small mackerel here and there but it was slow too. More than a few shark fisherman also with no luck.