4/27 Central Coast, Moonstone and San Simeon

Hey folks,

I made it over to the coast on Saturday, mainly to spend some time with the far better half, pick up a wine order enroute, and just enjoy the day looking for beach glass and prowling around Cambria's shops and eateries, but I always bring a rod or two along just in case. Sorry, no pictures just a wonderful day at the coast with my wife. We ended up at Moonstone Beach right at the low tide. I tried my new SC flash minnow for about a half an hour before I got paranoid about losing it on the rocks there. I snagged it up twice, before taking it off. Figured why push my luck with a frigging $15 lure I talked myself into at the Fred Hall show. Lost 2 c-rigs after that, so I gave up and helped the wife look for beach glass. She had an impressive haul if I don’t say so myself.

At about 1:00, we went in to town for a bite and ended up at the Café on Bridge Street. What an outstanding little restaurant with great food. After a little snooping around, we headed out to San Simeon Beach at around 3:30. It was cool and overcast and the high would top out at about 7:45. I saw a good hole to the south with a couple fishing it. I fished the southern edge about 75 yards down from them with a c-rigged MORF grub for about a half hour with some taps, but no hookups. The sand crabs were thick, so I dug up a few and pinned a nice one on. First cast produced about a 9" BSP. While the bite was certainly not on fire, I ended up landing 5 BSP with the biggest a nice 11" model. All on sand crabs. I gave the two bigger models to the couple to round out a half limit (10 fish total) for them, but the other 3 went back to the briney. Wife indicated she was getting cold, so back to Cambria to warm up a bit before heading home.

All in all it was a nice day and good to wet a line. Thanks for the vine guys! As always, tight lines and screaming drags!!