2019 Fred Hall Show.


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This year once more I helped out at the Cedros Outdoor Adventures booth for the duration of the Fred Hall Show (FHS).

Having been there two times already, I could answer questions based on my own experience. An album full of pictures of my trip (and you know I take many pictures), helped as well.

We also had some new additions to the operation, like a new plane and a shuttle bus.

1-There were long lines to get in on Wednesday. The anglers did not mind a little rain.

2-The crew minus one.

3-We had a lot of potential clients.

4-Some new decoration in a bigger booth.

5-Our leader.

6-The old UPSAC railing used at our booth at Fred Hall Show in the past years (2006-???) has now a new home.

7-We had a lot of clients decided at the show and put down deposits with Rowan.

8-A member of Pierfishing.com website had his ow booth this year.

9-For the bass angler who has everything.

10-The brothers at Stoked on Fishing booth.

Lastly, several members of different fishing websites stopped by the booth to say hello to me. They mentioned how they enjoyed my long posts with a lot of pictures.

It made my day and it goes a long way to encourage me to do more of them. Thank you all.

As to what I bought; two Ahi nets, a new design bait box, some crawdad swimbaits, a shirt and a T shirt.

Since 2006; the first year that I worked at a booth at FHS, I have made friends at the show. The Show has become sort of a yearly reunion for me and perhaps some others.

I saw our old friend at NOAA, Marty Golden. I missed seeing Bill Varney.

Next show at the end of the month is in Del Mar, which I won’t be there.

The End.

Brock Norris

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Hi i saw you at the show you had a crowd around you i wasn't able to say hi and introduce myself booth looked good and yes i to enjoy your posts and pictures Brock


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I wish I knew you were there. I would gone and introduced myself. I spent most of my time wandering around like a zombie and keeping an eye out if Ken was there.
I went to the show in LB many moons back, but this last Saturday I went to the Central Valley Fred Hall in Bakersfield. I really enjoyed it, even though the Bako show has much less fishing booths than the So Cal shows. I believe it is a blending of the Fred Hall shows and the former Central Valley RV show. We went primarily to look at RVs, but I found the various booths nice and filled with folks eager to talk with you about their services. I picked up some nice 6 and 8 oz rock fish jigs at the Copes Sporting Goods booth. 4 of the 8 oz jigs for $22 and 4 of the 6 oz for $18. That's right around half price. Talked to some pack outfits about some Sierra trips, and placed an order with a custom rod builder for a rock fish rod for my son. All in all, it was a good time.
i couldnt make it to the LBBS, I was in mexico on vacation, But glad to see youre still helping out on cedros Mahigeer!
Great. Ill go next year for sure.