1st Bat Ray

Ken Jones

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Was fishing the other night at the Elephant Rock Pier with Redfish when we met a couple of "sharkers" — Juan and Travis, who really knew their stuff. They showed us pictures of some big rays and sharks including 7-gills from the pier. When Juan hooked a bat ray he noticed a youngster who was intently watching the hook up. He asked if the youngster if he had ever caught a bat ray and the boy quickly answered no. Juan said, "here you go" and handed the youngster the rod. Juan then guided him in how to successfully catch a mud marlin. ER_2018_31.2.jpg ER-2018_33.2.jpg ER_2018_34.2.jpg



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Well, he's hooked. Lol I do the same when the bonito are out in full force. I kind of feel bad when the kid wants the fish to take home and cook but the parents want nothing to do with it. Lol
How awesome! Kids & fishing...I have been known to give away my fishing poles to random kids I see showing interest in fishing with some basic tackle. I feel good about that! Always promoting healthy habits!!!