12/05 Jacksmelt City-Burlingame

Thanks everyone for the advice. Always listen if Redfish talks about bay fishing....
I chose to fish behind Kincaid's, mostly because I had some things in the car I did not want to bring fishing, or get stolen, and I am VERY wary about car break ins around the bay area these days....such is life in 2020. Kincaid's has a parking lot where I could see my car and fish. The shoreline in this area is pretty much the same wherever you go , except perhaps Coyote Pt, which has some nice scenery and a few structures to reach different water. If I were doing this again, I would probably come prepared to fish that area. $6.00 car fee if you were wondering.
I fished within sight of Wooley pier which was very crowded, maybe because you don't need a license. When I checked it out the day before, the pier was crowded and people were catching jacksmelt happily with their masks on, for the most part.
This fishing was from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM with high tide at 12:30 PM.
I set out a line on a carolina rig with a frozen anchovy while I baited up a jacksmelt rig, which was a double dropper with #10 baitholders under a float. This rig tipped with cut anchovy would catch jacksmelt all day long. No more than 10 minutes between bites, and when there were bites, they were numerous.
I used one of the smallest jacksmelt I caught (10") for bait on my big water rig. On my other allowed pole, I would switch between a frozen anchovy and fishing for jacksmelt. I must say, catching the jacksmelt on a trout pole was very entertaining. I would think this would be a good opportunity to take a kid fishing. Lots of action, bobber fishing, and enough fight to make it fun. But, after 20 or so, I stopped as I was not harvesting for food.
Bottom line, no action on the live jacksmelt or frozen anchovy. I was hoping to tussle with a big mud marlin or leopard shark, or even a striper, but no hits.
I saw probably 8 other baitsoakers and 2 pluggers, but no luck for them either. I can only assume the jacksmelt crowd on the pier left happy again.
Still a beautiful day on the bay, and a good spot if you like to watch the planes land at SFO. If I were hanging out with other people and having a picnic, I probably would have stayed longer.
Go get your jacksmelt if you want them!
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Correct me if i am wrong but you are only allowed to fish 1 pole at a time inside the bay unless on a pier. It just sould like you were using 2 rods at a time. Just in case you didnt know.
OLCA is correct. I went back and looked and am clear on the regs now. I cant confirm that I had two poles in the water at one time, but I sure will not in the bay going forward. All fish were released, even the bait jacksmelt.
Sorry for posting in the wrong category. Good luck.