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    Planning A FIshing Trip - Central CA

    Pismo and Guadalupe are good choices as noted. To the north is the Morro Strand (north of Morro Rock) that stretches pretty much all the way to Cayucos. Decent perchin in that area. Another generally flat beach. Look for rips and troughs. Lots of coves, sandy crescents, and rocks between...
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    Cambria Surf

    As Mav said, those are some real quality perch! Kudos to you and yours.
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    Nice 20-lb bonito...

    That is indeed the biggest Bonita I have ever seen! Kudos!
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    Pacifica Perch

    Nice outing and good luck with the Red Tails.
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    4/27 Central Coast, Moonstone and San Simeon

    Hey folks, I made it over to the coast on Saturday, mainly to spend some time with the far better half, pick up a wine order enroute, and just enjoy the day looking for beach glass and prowling around Cambria's shops and eateries, but I always bring a rod or two along just in case. Sorry, no...
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    2019 Fred Hall Show.

    I went to the show in LB many moons back, but this last Saturday I went to the Central Valley Fred Hall in Bakersfield. I really enjoyed it, even though the Bako show has much less fishing booths than the So Cal shows. I believe it is a blending of the Fred Hall shows and the former Central...
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    Taking son fishing and crabbing early next week

    Way to go on getting out there and having a go at it with the son. He's probably already asking about then are you guys going again. Good job!
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    Central Coast 2/20-3/05

    Like Ray said, outstanding reports as usual. The Po Boys sound delicious. Thanks for sharing the trips FD. It's much appreciated.
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    Central Coast, Sand Dollar musings

    Hey folks. I decided to head over and hit the sand at my typical San Simeon spots, but with all the rain my go to spots were turbid, washed out, and not looking too fishy. I headed down to Morro Bay with the idea of catching some bait, and then heading out to a cove I knew that had produced...
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    Preference: Halibut or Rockfish?

    I love eating both, but fishing the Central Coast ends up with me catching more rockfish than halibut these days. Both can be prepared so many different ways I even end up having certain preferences on how to prepare the same species. That said, I grew up fishing the So Cal surf and jetties...
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    Woolsey Fire — Malibu, Wylies B&T & Paradise Cove

    Very good to hear Ken. I haven't been to Wylies since the 90's, but it was my go to shop for surf and pier fishing stuff when I lived in the LA area. They had darned near every bait one could think of including live sand crabs.
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    Catch-up 9/25-10/23 on the Central Coast

    An excellent report as always FD. Thank you for posting. I look forward to your re3ports and the pictures you take.
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    Bonito Run to Beat All Previous runs at Balboa Pier Yesterday

    Wow! Those are some big boneheads!!! Kudos for the bite and the report!!!
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    Overnighter on Seabiscuit 10/5-10/6

    Very nice day on the pond Ego. Thanks for sharing the adventure. It brings back good memories of fishing the So Cal salt with my Pops. Caught a bunch of whitefish and sheephead from the Channel Islands back in the day, but never made it out to Santa Rosa! Very cool!
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    Northern Sonoma County Coastline [10.04.2018]

    Very nice report and pics and thanks for sharing the adventure. Those are some really cool looking Cabezons. I've only caught a couple myself, but I'm always amazed at how the colors change up depending upon the environment they are in. Very cool!.