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    SoCal Fish in Bay Area waters

    Some strange happenings lately: - A few dozen large (8-12lb) bonita have been caught by party boats and private boaters trolling for salmon between channel buoys and Duxbury - A sand bass was caught and released in the central bay - A (large) juvenile giant sea bass was caught and released in...
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    A spiny lobster in SF Bay

    Opaleye have been regularly caught in Monterey bay in recent years so not shocked they have made it to Marin I saw a Facebook post a few months ago that seemed to show a spiny lobster caught in a hoop net in the bay - this apparently makes 2!
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    50 pound halibut caught at Paradise

    I’m told that it’s quite rare to have two 50s caught inside the bay in the same year, let alone in the same month... and especially when that month is April!
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    50 pound halibut caught at Paradise

    I wasn’t there but multiple friends (and Bodega tackle) have verified. Boater (fellow Coastside Member) got another 50 off hunters point a week or two ago - pic attached. I am thinking about fishing Paradise Pier Friday or Saturday this week if anyone else is going to be out.
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    Earli Hali

    Nice work! Hearing from boaters that they are already starting to get nice fish trolling in OP / hunters / candlestick area
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    Need a refresher for the sf bay

    Stripers in Sonoma creek by the bridge and scattered over San Pablo bay. Sturgeon starting to be caught at Mcnears and in boats near Dumbarton. Large grade perch (black and rubberlip) at elephant rock. No sign of herring yet in the north bay. I have mainly been in the boat catching stripers...
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    Fished Rat Rock at the top of the outgoing tide today for one missed bite and I am now at Mcnears pier. There is one group here with a keeper sturgeon so far. Tides should be good in the afternoons this week (big). Recent rains + muddy water too...
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    Holy ACTUAL REPORT..........Updated 8/1/2020

    I’ve done best in the channel at night. Have been blanked during the day only to have leopards every 10 mins at night. Incoming tide is best
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    Put The Time In And It Paid Off

    Great looking fish. Pacifica can be a fickle beast, congrats on getting rewarded for hard work!
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    Some Newer Nostalgia

    Classic. Only thing missing from this post was a request for Ken to bring back the old archives.
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    The 1st Keeper of the Year

    This is just a theory but I believe the bay has been noticeably warmer and saltier this year (dry winter plus warm spring) which has led to massive vegetation growth in shallow areas with less tidal movement. Not sure if the halibut avoid these areas due to lower dissolved oxygen or if the fish...
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    Some Newer Nostalgia

    Lots of folks on Fishbrain now which does default to pin drop on a map for catch location. I have found it very helpful but none of these are great information substitutes for a well-written forum report.
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    Paradise 7/11

    Fished the incoming at Paradise on Sat and finally met Redfish (along with several other long time PFIC members) in person. Unfortunately not much to report. Happy to say that there was finally some catchable bait around (shiners and topsmelt) and I was able to keep fresh ones on continuously...
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    6/27 paradise

    Have been lucky enough to mostly fish from a boat lately but the bad winds of the last week crescendoed over the last few days and I had to stay on land. Despite the wind, I fished Paradise with a local friend (wearing masks + 6 feet apart) on Saturday. Finally obtained about 20 live topsmelt...
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    Paradise Pier 6/5 - slow and full of algae

    Paradise has also been off for boaters - the algae is actually a fine seaweed carpeting the bottom out to 40 FOW - totally gunks up trolling rigs and even drifted live bait. Has been a good halibut season for boat guys but only in a handful of spots - Alcatraz, SW Angel Island, Oyster, Berkeley...