Paradise 7/11

Fished the incoming at Paradise on Sat and finally met Redfish (along with several other long time PFIC members) in person.

Unfortunately not much to report. Happy to say that there was finally some catchable bait around (shiners and topsmelt) and I was able to keep fresh ones on continuously for several hours with a Sabiki and some market shrimp.

Crowding has gone down as no one has been catching much there for the last month and there were a few fish caught... one legal striper, one short hali, one questionable hali lost at the net and a couple missed bites for Pat’s crew. Redfish also lost what looked like a striper. Some other folks on the left side got a nice leopard on dead anchovies.

I went fishless and while the algae has thinned out noticeably, crabs were an issue. Will be fishing more over the next month (my fiancée has had a health issue which has happily now been resolved) so I will post my reports - hope to have a better one for you soon!
Thanks for the report, I have not been out lately but I hear its slow everywhere for Hali on shore these days. Glad you at least got out there.