6/27 paradise

Have been lucky enough to mostly fish from a boat lately but the bad winds of the last week crescendoed over the last few days and I had to stay on land.

Despite the wind, I fished Paradise with a local friend (wearing masks + 6 feet apart) on Saturday. Finally obtained about 20 live topsmelt and had high hopes for halibut despite mediocre results in that area off the boat this season.

Wind made it tough to detect bites but I missed at least one good one early on... other than that, mostly fed loads of small crabs and picked the fine green algae off my sinker. Saw one ray caught and as we were getting ready to call it around 5pm my drag started running on the left rod. Knew it was a bat and as I fought him the right rod went off, which my friend promptly grabbed. Both looked about 20-25lbs and were safely released.

Wish I had a better report but we were happy to get any action on what was overall a slow, windy day.

One good tip for those looking: there have been some halibut caught at Fort Baker Pier in the last two days on swimbaits and live anchovies. The rocks at Sausalito have also been kicking out keeper halis this season on swimbaits. Very little going on elsewhere in Marin other than some small bass here and there back in the creeks on 3” swimbaits and top waters at sunset.