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    Perch Report - HMB Beach

    "I'm not great at reading the surf, so I just kept walking, casting into the trough, and focusing my attention on areas where there were a larger concentration of molted sand crab shells." Sounds like you are on the right track. Nice fishing.
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    Shark attack at Pacific Grove —

    We had an informal PFIC gathering at that very spot years ago. The one and only time I met Songslinger. Mbay caught a lingcod during the gathering. Lots of guys from the Surfsamurai crew. Beautiful spot.
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    Kochi-Japan - 20220603-20220605

    could have been onecrazyazn, I wish I could remember. I will do a search sometime, but he had an impressive species count
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    Kochi-Japan - 20220603-20220605

    Congratulations on your trip, Ninja. I have been to Kochi a few times for my work at the Kochi Core Lab at the University. Kochi is a beautiful and peaceful Prefecture, and I visited many great tackle shops there on my visit. I was able to visit some of the great trout fishing available...
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    SF Bay halibut bite

    I fished on a party boat today and we had limits by 11AM fishing all day right off of Aquatic Park and the pier there. Just FYI.
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    Fishing with a drone...

    I hope they ban drone assisted take of all fish and game.
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    First of the Year 2022

    Thanks for the info. More people fish south of the gate as there is more fishable beach, however it seems like if a bunch of fish show up early on the north side, it says something about water temps and possibly a pattern for the summer. Nice fishing!
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    First of the Year 2022

    Nice!! Mind telling if you were North or South of the Gate?
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    Freshwater fishing in Davis/Sacramento area

    You will want to get familiar with the entire Sac River/Delta fishery. It can be tough to access from shore, but there are opportunities. On the positive side, it does have quality fish to offer. Plenty of info out there, including in the archives, to get you started.
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    Been to Carmel? You might be right, but there are contenders.
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    Interesting scientific journal read on striped bass and migratory patterns

    This is good stuff. Thanks for sharing. I agree. Those not used to reading scientific papers might find this a bit of a grind, but it has some very interesting data and thoughtful observations as well. I will speculate that this could be used in another effort to eradicate the non-native...
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    Happy Pi Day

    Dang. Congrats on the early season halibut. I admire your pursuit and your techniques, and I am certainly envious of your results. 10# line from a pier for a hali. Let me just soak that fight in for a minute.....
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    New Redwood City Pier

    I am afraid that this may be one of last new public piers for fishing that will be built in the bay area. We should probably celebrate this. What are we expecting to catch here? I am guessing jacksmelt will be #1? Leopards and rays? Possibly a striper? Anyone have knowledge of this area?
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    Pier Fishing In California Website 25 Years Old — Evolution of Pier Fishing In California

    Congratulations on 25 years and also the accolades you have received. I truly have benefited greatly from this website. Thank You!
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    Ft baker Jetty 2/11

    Taking the kids poking. Outstanding. Thinking about kids pulling up a wiggly prickleback for the first time just gave me my first real smile of the day!! To your comment, super low tides do trap creatures into some holes, but I have found that at higher/intermediate tides, sometimes you get...