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    Finding live anchovies

    Chovies seemes like they have been in short supply in the area past few years, every once in a while a catch a few, they were usually grouped with grunions. Not even the bait receivers have had any lately. I blame commercial overfishing, but as Ken said, they are prob just moving around alot...
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    San Clemente 11/22

    Good job! Nice pier! Try using fresh chunk sardines for those sheephead? I got that tip from mr egononbaptismo, and it works well!!!
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    Fished San Clemente Pier

    Thank you for the report!
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    Balboa Pier Sunday 10-25-20 One Bonito!

    Got to Balboa around 9am, tons of bait in the water, semi-strong current, wind picked up more and more as the day went on. After about 20 mins of bait fishing, finally able to locate some sardines, once i got past the smelt on the surface. Also had my splash feather ready and a jig ready on...
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    New Pier in East Bay

    Dang! I lived in E-Ville for 12 years, 20 years ago. Why did they have to wait so long?!
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    Redondo Beach - King Harbor 10-20-2020

    Good job! Hopefully those boneheads will stick around a little bit longer!
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    Redondo Pier report 10-17 Saturday Night

    usually not when the sun is out, however, i start chemlight deployment when the sun is near the horizon just before it gets dark.
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    Sleepy Day at Huntington Beach Pier interrupted by Halibut Report 10/18/20

    I like to burn the tips of the tag ends a little so you get a little ball at the end, will prevent the knot from slipping out on a uni-uni. Or use another knot 😁
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    Redondo Pier report 10-17 Saturday Night

    Goal was to try and hoop some lobsters after the sun went down- arrived at the packed pier around 4:30pm to make some macks- easily made a few dozen in less than an hour along with some giant sardines. Size 1 hook, big sardines all day, jumped up to the 1/0 and they magically turned into decent...
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    Missing Fisherman Offshore Carmel

    Wish i could help. Hope all is well and you can locate him soon.
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    Balboa Pier - Tu/Th 9/29 & 10/1

    Sometimes only live bait will work, but first you have to find them. Sardines usually work best, though occasionally i have had luck with smelt, and chovies or grunion when/if you can fine those. Fish em near the surface and you should get a few bites when the school flies through. I would try...
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    Any tips for the Newport Jetty

    Dont forget the Krocodile spoon, works well in fast current and in/near eddys. Wear shoes with a lot of grip for the slippery rocks. Bring a “porta-john” or gatorade bottle for bathroom breaks, restroom is far and if youre like me and drink a lot of fluids, you will need it often. Try fishing...
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    Newport Pier 9/9

    the guys with the long sabikis feel it works better to imitate a school of bait, not necessarily to catch ten at once, but the more the better to them. I prefer not to have that many hooks, there is no reason to. I have only seen most of them only cast underhand, And they are good at it. They...
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    I have heard a little bit about the problem in Oregon, i think they tried out a solution that only made things worse? As for being a tough problem, I completely agree, there is really no instant solution, it will take a long term plan to repopulate their food sources and get the pinnipeds back...