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    Sturgeon hunt in the delta (Dragon)

    Last Saturday, I took my dad for sturgeon fishing on Dragon Sportfishing. I could not imagine better birthday gift for him as dino hunt. The trip was epic, triple and double hook-ups. Limits plus extra fish for crew.... we came home with 2 59 inchers.
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    Do you need fishing license on Martinez pier?

    Thank you Ken. The DFG and East Bay parks as usual confused me.
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    Do you need fishing license on Martinez pier?

    HI, am I correct that we need to have fishing licence on Martinez pier? - i think yes, since if I'm correct Eckley is the last pier in west delta piers where we do not need license to fish. Thank you, Igor
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    West delta pier report

    Unexpectedly on Sunday I got a green light from family for possibly last fishing trip for the year. I came to the pier about 8 am and fished all incoming tide until water start to go out. Fishing was very slow, no dingy bites - I spent just bag of sardines. The first fish took small piece of...
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    11/20/20 Antioch pier quick report

    Thank you for the report, did not fish the pier for month or so
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    New Pier in East Bay

    Thank you for the report. Should we think about resuming Mud Marlin derby there?
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    East Delta pier report

    I took my dad fishing last night. We came to the pier at the middle of outgoing tide and waited for water start to push out again. 1. A lot of seaweed.... 2. Baby stripers were at full force (we feed them about 5-6 frozen bait bags) and we did not have chance to put 4th pole in the water. 3...
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    Coastside #2 Bait & Tackle Pacifica closed

    That's why my wife constantly told me "stop dreaming and planning, start living.
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    Another weekend, another striper hunt

    Me and my friend went fishing to one of the east delta piers yesterday night. We used frozen bait, 6/0 - 7/0 hooks with 2 sets of rods 2 heavy (65lb braid line) and 2 light with 30lb line. A lot of baby stripers, we went through about 6 bait bags... One large fish unbuttoned (either big...
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    Coastside #2 Bait & Tackle Pacifica closed

    Owner Marquez Glissons passed :( store closed
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    Pacifica beaches and parking closed for long weekend; HMB open

    just saw article that HMB beaches will be open
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    Pacifica beaches and parking closed for long weekend; HMB open

    City post and link to press release Pier maybe open since I did not notice it mentioned in closure notice
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    HMB + Pacifica beaches closed

    Update on East Bay
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    HMB + Pacifica beaches closed

    Sorry for bringing bad news recently, Martinez marina shoreline was nothing interesting to report yesterday. One 18 inches striper for about 10 rods
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    HMB + Pacifica beaches closed

    All Pacifica beaches and beach parking lots will be closed this weekend due to growing wildfire concerns, the City of Pacifica announced Friday.