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    Spot Burning?

    I get it. Content creators have the freedom to record as they please. They have the freedom to provide content to the public as they please. Some depend on it for their livelihood. They might not see the immediate aftermath of their actions, but they will eventually feel it when the places...
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    Spot Burning?

    I really shouldn't post this because it is somewhat of a burn. I'm only going to post this to drive home the point on how a quick flash of the background can expose a fishing spot. The video creator even went as far as saying that he was hesistant to post the video because of "how valuable and...
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    Spot Burning?

    True, there are no "secret" spots, but timing is everything. How does it feel to catch a fish at a "quiet" spot and have 10 guys show up to the same spot the following day just because of some loose lips? I'm curious if that has ever happened to you? I've had that happen to me earlier in the...
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    Fish in Paradise

    I dedicated my latest fishing endeavor to the late Eloy who fished the Richmond pier. First impressions are everything to me and Eloy was always warm and welcoming to me the handful of times I have fished Richmond. I will never forget the people who were kind to me in life. Never. You can...
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    Northbay Action “Live” 06/08

    Rest in peace, Eloy. Condolences to his family. He was always cordial to me the few times I've been to Richmond and I will never forget that.
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    A Picture is worth

    Wasn't my fish, but it was a nice 25-incher.
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    Need some help...

    No garbage. No graffiti. No puke. No piss. No idiots. No poachers. That would be ideal, unfortunately, such a pier doesn't exist. It's the complete opposite here in Northern California. Is it that hard to carry around a pee cup? Really "pisses" me off when someone pisses on the pier...
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    A Picture is worth

    500 words. A 1000 if I didn't blur out the background.
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    Pt. Richmond
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    And I Thought It Was Over

    Once You're Hooked. You remind me of a member (FoggyCoast, most recently Multicast) from who was lambasted online for taking every single fish you catch. FYI. 27.91. GREEN STURGEON. (a) Green sturgeon may not be taken or possessed. (b) Green sturgeon may not be removed from...
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    Finally A Hali Worth Posting

    You're watching a master at his craft. Embrace every letter that he types and pass that wisdom onwards to your kin. This is how humans evolve into better beings. Sharing. Let those songs linger, my friend. They're always in my head.
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    Paradise Pier - Poachers

    I would have to disagree. These guys need to be called out for their wrongdoings. These guys need to be ashamed to show their faces in public. Nothing is more embarassing than having poacher affixed to one's name. If I were fishing with more like-minded individuals yesterday and we all...
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    East Bay Halibut

    First of all, congrats on the fish. I wish you were with me yesterday because it's hard to constantly fight a losing one-man battle.
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    Paradise Pier - Poachers

    The main reason I decided to remove most of my posts was not to enable poachers, and I've seen too many of them throughout the years. I'm going to call out some fishermen publicly to straighten out their ways. Met three regulars at Paradise: [1, 2 and 3] I don't personally know any of them...
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    Berkeley Pier

    It's really unfortunate that neither Berkeley nor Albany can take advantage of their massive waterfront. Look at San Francisco and Sausalito's thriving waterfront. I've joked with a friend before that the city of Berkeley should first focus on fixing the roads leading to the pier before they...