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    Oil Spill

    I know that San Clemente Pier is open for now but probably not for long. Even if fishing is permitted on some of the piers I doubt there is much to catch with most everything either moving away from the spill or being killed off. How do you guys think the spill will effect fishing once this mess...
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    Lobster Season

    Oh and the opener is this Saturday right? I'm getting mixed reports that it might be this Wednesday?...
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    Lobster Season

    @blfishing yes last year was an absolute disaster watching people fight over each other over something that is supposed to be enjoyable. I'll try to get some fresh bonito and give that a try. I hope the opening day craziness fades before sunday. Ill let you know how I do.
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    Lobster Season

    Hey guys as you probably know lobster season begins this weekend and I am going to be giving it a try this Sunday evening at San Clemente Pier. I did not have much luck last year so hopeful to do a little better this time. Does anyone have any tips for lobster fishing? I know the basic stuff but...
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    Variety Catch At Veterans Memorial Pier

    Sounds like a fun day!
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    Legal Sand Bass and Sheephead at San Clemente Pier 9/23/21

    @evanluck how did you rig the live smelt? high/low?
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    Legal Sand Bass and Sheephead at San Clemente Pier 9/23/21

    Sounds like a good day. Sound like you fished the end of the pier?
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    Bonito at San Clemente Pier

    Yes that makes sense. Where do you like to buy your mussels?
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    Bonito at San Clemente Pier

    Haha yeah its hard to get a decent spot when the sharkers line the entire end of the pier. Why do you prefer to buy the mussels? just wondering
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    Bonito at San Clemente Pier

    Thought I'd update you guys on the fishing at sc pier today. Caught 2 macks and a small sand bass. Bonito are absent and mackerel are scattered but around. Some smelt/anchovies in the water but not enough to get the bigger fish fired up. On an interesting note one of the sharkers managed to...
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    Bonito at San Clemente Pier

    Headin down to sc pier tomorrow morning to hopefully catch some bones and whatever else is around. Anyone caught or seen any bonito at sc pier recently?
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    Lobster Fishing in Dana Point Harbor

    I normally hoop net for lobsters off San Clemente pier but I was wondering if the jetties in Dana Point harbor would be a good bet for the upcoming season? Any thoughts?
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    Catalina pier fishing

    Anyone know how fishing has been on the Catalina piers this summer?
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    Anyone have a recipe to chum for mackerel or baitfish?