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    Lobster Fishing in Dana Point Harbor

    I normally hoop net for lobsters off San Clemente pier but I was wondering if the jetties in Dana Point harbor would be a good bet for the upcoming season? Any thoughts?
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    Catalina pier fishing

    Anyone know how fishing has been on the Catalina piers this summer?
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    Anyone have a recipe to chum for mackerel or baitfish?
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    San Clemente Pier Fishing

    Anyone fished San Clemente Pier recently?
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    Mackeral Fishing

    Has anyone fished San Clemente Ier or somwhere near there recently? Has the good Pelagic fishing for maceral started?
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    Mullet fishing

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    Mullet fishing

    I was wondering if mullet taste good because I noticed they get big and wanted to know how to catch them.
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    Rockfish from piers

    Does anyone have some tips for catching some rockfish at San Clemente pier?
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    San Clemente pier Bonito

    Does anybody have some tips for catching bonito at san clemente pier?
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    Catchin yellowtail

    thanks for the advice I will try to go on one of the boats to catch one
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    Catchin yellowtail

    I have been wanting to catch a yellowtail from a pier for a while now but I am not sure how. Tips are greatly appreciated
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    Guitarfish fishing

    Thanks so much everybody
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    Guitarfish fishing

    thanks so much and do you recommend day or night where is the best spot on the pier
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    Guitarfish fishing

    Im wondering how I can catch a guitarfish from the san Clemente pier because I read that they are pretty good eating. Any tips, rigs, baits?