Lobster Season

Hey guys as you probably know lobster season begins this weekend and I am going to be giving it a try this Sunday evening at San Clemente Pier. I did not have much luck last year so hopeful to do a little better this time. Does anyone have any tips for lobster fishing? I know the basic stuff but I know there's a lot you guys have learned from experience. Any feedback is appreciated! I Will give you guys a report in a couple days.

*On a completely different note I have tried to catch baitfish with a drop net but have struggled to catch anything. The fish are there but there has got to be an easier way to get them up. Anyone have a better strategy?
I hope it will not be a zoo for your sake. Last year's opener was a complete mess. People arguing, yelling, cursing at each other. I had people literally throw their net in front of where I was sitting/fishing and also throwing their nets right on top of my net. I will never go on opening day ever again. Boat or Pier. But hopefully by Sunday it won't be a complete shitshow.

The best bait I had most success with is definitely Bonita/Skipjack. If you can get your own on sportboat, that's ideal. Something about a large filet of oily meat that attracts them. It has worked better than fresh caught mack for me. Also, weight down your nets even if no current is ripping. The less movement in the net, the longer they'll stay in there. Get your lobster card and throw back "questionable" ones back. The warden always shows up on lobster opening week.
@blfishing yes last year was an absolute disaster watching people fight over each other over something that is supposed to be enjoyable. I'll try to get some fresh bonito and give that a try. I hope the opening day craziness fades before sunday. Ill let you know how I do.


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Oh and the opener is this Saturday right? I'm getting mixed reports that it might be this Wednesday?...
Its always the saturday preceding the first wednesday of october. It used to open at midnight, but they changed that to 6am a few years ago to make it easier on wardens and reduce early poaching.