Bonito at San Clemente Pier

Headin down to sc pier tomorrow morning to hopefully catch some bones and whatever else is around. Anyone caught or seen any bonito at sc pier recently?
Thought I'd update you guys on the fishing at sc pier today. Caught 2 macks and a small sand bass. Bonito are absent and mackerel are scattered but around. Some smelt/anchovies in the water but not enough to get the bigger fish fired up.

On an interesting note one of the sharkers managed to pull in a big thresher est. 8-10 footer. They were unable to stick the gaff and the thresher swam off but cool to know these big guys are around.

Overall fishing is slow but expecting the bonito to come in the next few weeks and add to the action. @Mahigeer not sure what type of fish your targeting but I will note the inshore area has produced some nice fish for those fishing with fresh mussels.

I'll keep you guys posted on the action.


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Thanks for the report.

I usually start at the lifeguard station for halibut, then move to the deeper end for bonito and mackerel.

The shark hunters with their many rods, loud music and profane language are usually there on the weekends.

Thus, I go during the week.

If I can buy mussels (don't like to get it from the piling), I will fish for Spotfins, Sargo, croakers, etc.


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Haha yeah its hard to get a decent spot when the sharkers line the entire end of the pier. Why do you prefer to buy the mussels? just wondering
The mussel on the pilling is what attracts the fish to the pier.

If everyone removes mussel from the pilling, it could reduce the number of the fish that come for them.