Zoom Flukes


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I have used them before. Never caught a fish on them. Does that count? I hooked up on what felt like a bass at the jetty fishing on a splasher float but the fish came off before I could land it.
flukes work great for the halibut on a carolina rig or on the drop shot. For bass, sometimes that's what they are keyed in on with a scrounger type head. In the back bays, running a weightless fluke can put a hurting on the fish at night.

Ken Jones

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I've long been told that the Zoom Flukes, white color, are one of the top lures for halibut in the Long Beach area, especially when fished with a drop shot rigging. Another winner is supposed to be the Berkley Jerk Shads in pearl white color.


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I have not tried any Zoom flukes. I plan on using them this year. I got white and bait fish color.

Last year Gulp Smelt worked well for mackerel and bonito. :)


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I caught a tiny halibut on a white zoom fluke and darter head at crissy field a few years ago. Usually use other types of lures but clearly it does work.