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Ken Jones

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It's been suggested that one of our forums be on YouTube videos. Basically a member could post an address of a YouTube video they felt relevant for our board and then people on the thread could comment.

I am willing to do that but I want the right to view suggested videos first. Many of the videos I've seen are a waste of time, nothing but five minutes of someone fighting a fish and that's not what I have in mind. Do they show relevant techniques or ideas that can help the viewer improve their skills? If I feel they are relevant, I will allow the person who suggested the video to post it.

Are people interested? Does that sound fair?

Red Fish

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I agree that many are a waste of time. Many are lame with nothing more than someone catching a fish (and many times cursing throughout and an overly excited angler like they never caught a fish before).
Videos with the focus of rigs, techniques, knot tying are okay and provide valuable content. But, on the other hand, the ‘net is loaded with them.

The only thing I can see any different or beneficial is if people show specific rigs or techniques, ideas, for fishing specific California piers or shore spots.
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Ken Jones

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Thought we might be able to separate the wheat from the chaff for members but it doesn't sound like there's really any interest.


A YouTube forum could indeed be helpful, but will rely heavily on the posters’ ability to find and share actually useful content.

For myself, one of my favorite YouTube fishermen is the channel “Fisherman’s Life”. An example of a video I found useful was:
where I learned about the FG knot (braid to thick mono where it will easily fit through narrow rod guide lines. At the same time, I like how the video shows him using that knot to catch fish I’m interested in: rockfish and cabezon. No video is perfect but if it at least has 1 useful tip then it’s worth it in my opinion.

Also, I love this video’s explanation and visual of the importance of bleeding your fish, among other things like spiking/bonking the fish and throwing your fish on ice, preferably a saltwater ice slurry (and even the Japanese technique Ike jime!)