Would anyone buy...

Red Fish

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I had a white sweatshirt that Mike Cordon gave me with that logo on it. It was nice, but eventually shrunk too much. I wore it to a MMD (Mud Marlin Derby) or two, like 2009-11.
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I’d buy one if it helps pay for website fees etc.
And yeah, my old wetsuits keep shrinking too. Maybe they’re not as stretchy...or perhaps I’m to stretchy haha

Ken Jones

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I still like that picture but I also need to find a new logo for PFIC shirts, sweat shirts, etc. Years ago the people would wear them and we could spot one another at the piers. Met a lot of people wearing the PFIC shirts.

Also need to find a new place to order the shirts and materials (that will print to order). We used to use CafePress but they really seem to have gone downhill.
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