Worst PFIC story ever?

Ken Jones

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Worst PFIC story ever?

Date: January 11, 2006
To: PFIC Message Board

Subject: the old days

Back in the 70's and 80's I did a lot of fishing on the Foster City Pier [Werder/San Mateo Bridge Pier]. The striper fishing was great out there and there were quite a few regulars. One of the popular ways to catch stripers was to basically troll the pier by walking with a long rod dragging a black jig or Rebel at night. It was good exercise and a lot of stripers were caught using this technique. Things started to get crowded out there and many families were showing up with 10 kids using three rods apiece and it became difficult to troll the pier. The regulars decided to take action. One night, three regulars who will remain unnamed dressed up as DFG agents [I'm not sure where they got the uniforms]. They walked down the pier and just started grabbing rods and tossed them in the Bay. I'm not saying it was a good idea but the pier became a lot less crowded after that. I think most of the families started going out to the Pacifica Pier after that. Reading some of the recent posts reminded me of this event and I thought I'd pass it along.

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Posted by palmerpalmer123

I think that is like the worst story ever posted on this site.

Posted by Davey Jones

The ‘60s were better. You could limit out before anyone showed up.

Posted by SLO_GIN

Well I never said I was a great storyteller but it's no story... it happened. I'm curious why you would say it’s the worst ever story posted on this site.

Posted by eelmaster

Why? If anyone threw my pole in the bay, you can bet I would throw them in after it. Not to mention impersonating a police officer, vandalism, theft, and other malicious crimes that could be charged to those who toss other people's stuff over the rail. This is hardly the behavior that should receive acclaim.
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Posted by palmerpalmer123

Why? Need I say more!!!!! Very well stated eelmaster.

Posted by SLO_GIN

It was just an observation on my part. No need to be so sensitive. Just relaying an event in my life that I observed. No acclaim for these individuals was intended in any way.

Posted by Red Fish

I suppose these nameless persons were carrying gun...(s) as well as impersonating peace officers. Had to be the only way they were able to throw someone’s rods over. No wonder that pier is closed. You can thank those persons for contributing to the closure of the pier along with the guy who murdered a fellow fisherman out there.

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It’s a shame... that Pier looks like Primo access. Perfect access to ideal large striper habitat: the base structure of a large bridge. Obviously must be great for sharks and rays as well, in that location... Sadly, it is closed to the public, locked and barbed wire fenced off, and illegal.

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I wouldn't want to fish ANYwhere that the REGULARS pulled stunts like that on people. If their beef is with people using too many poles, there's the good ol’ CAL TIP hotline. If their problem is that they didn't know how to share, and other people being there didn't let them hog the pier with their trolling method, too bad! Also, They'd better have guns or strong numbers on their side to expect to get away with throwing multiple people's poles into the water.

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That’s everything this site is against! dm

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That’s just wrong, vicious, self-serving, ignorant, stupid, malicious, short sighted and probably part of the reason the pier is closed. I'm not big on over crowding, but lets just see those idiots try that while I'm fishing with some friends...never mind... this board isn't about war stories... its for education, sharing information and enlightenment... I guess its also proof we have evolved. Our arms no longer reach our ankles and our bellies don't drag while we walk.
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Let he without sin overhand cast the first stone. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath, accept, acknowledge, and move on. There, don't you feel better? SLO_GIN deserves the benefit of some latitude on this one. Anyone who has spent any amount of time on this board has learned that the printed word is limited in its ability to carry connotation, emotion, mood, or intention. SLO_GIN did not say, “The coolest thing I ever saw people do was...” He simply retold an anecdote from the past, and I think everyone can agree that this sort of behavior is considered deplorable by modern standards.

Teaching others about the abhorrent behaviors in which people once participated is not an endorsement of that behavior—on the contrary, it often serves as a reminder of how far we have come as a group, how far we have come as a country. Sure, there is still a great deal of growth potential for all of us, but occasionally, it is important to recall the transgressions of those that came before us, lest we fall victim to similar illogical behavior.

Interestingly enough, I was giving the same speech to my class today—except it was in the context of Black History Month. The quote I shared with them--attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.—is fitting for fishermen, as it is for all people:

The measure of a man is not where he stands during times of comfort and convenience, but where he stands during times of challenge and controversy.

I hope we all can stand together against the type of idiocy exemplified by the people in SLO_GIN's tale. Thanks, SLO_GIN, for sharing that story, and giving all of us a reminder that the road to Hell is (still) paved with Good Intentions.

Posted by SLO_GIN

Thank you Ben. I'm glad you saw my intent. All it was...I saw discussion involving interaction between people and gave an example on just how brutal people can be. I think it’s a good thing people reacted to the event in a negative way. It was food for thought and yes this event probably was part of the reason they closed it. Also when they first opened it they had clean bench enclosures, a clean bathroom...it was a very cool place to fish until people started using the wood from the bench enclosures as fire wood and decorating the bathrooms with graffiti. The ray fishing in the flats was a blast. Sevengill sharks off the end in the channel. Sturgeon by the drop-off at piling 140. Stripers near piling 128. I really miss that place. I had a day off from work today and I would have been soaking mud shrimp out there today if it was still open. It’s a shame

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I’ll still seen people go over the fence there as recently as 2 months ago. I was talking to a security guard for the tech company there in the north side. The guard was telling me how he and his brother fished there together on the pier years ago (the guy was about my age).