Working Too Hard For A Skunk


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Well at least you got OUT.......That is something I really need to start doing.....Success or not.....MIGHT hit Fort Baker for a while on Saturday with light gear and Gulp Sandworms.......Still haven't found my Cast Net though and I don't like going to Fort Baker this time of year without it.
For hardcore angler, getting skunk on one fishing trip is like going to your favorite steak house but then the waiter warned you their steak is all gone, sold out. As for "that's-okey wannabe angler" like me, it's a way of fish no hurt feelings just nice to feel and smell the ocean/lake breeze. :cool::LOL:

Happy Holidays everyone !!


Ken Jones

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"The Largest Room In The World Is The Room For Improvement" — and I am sure your next trip will be much improved.

BTW, as DSRTEGL said, at least you were able to go fishing. I informed my grandson last night that we were definitly going to head over to the coast during his Christmas vacation that starts next week. Jiust not sure where to go. I need some updated pictures of the Pismo Beach Pier but also would like to visit the Monterey Coast Guard Pier. Maybe we'll visit both?


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"Just not sure where to go"

How about Catalina.

I am due to go there since I had to postpone the ice fishing trip to Colorado to January 2019.