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Date: October 9, 2000
To: PFIC Message Board
From: stinkyfingers

Subject: Girls

I knew that would get your attention. I’m just wondering if I’m the only lucky guy that has a wonderful girlfriend that loves to come out fishing with me – in the morning, at night, whatever. The only one of all my girlfriends that’s ever been willing to do it. She’s the best. There’s nothing like going fishin’ with your buddy and your girl. You drink and make jokes with your buddy, you catch fish and she gives you kisses…. Life is good.

Posted by wes
Heh cool but how u know she really likes it? Heh, jk
I would kill to have a girl to go with me fishing.

Posted by Dion
Maybe she is willing to tolerate it until you marry her. You know, you make a good living where the both of you could live comfortably or at least she can and she doesn’t have to work for the remaining part of her years. On the other hand, you may be the lucky one. Congrats on having a one in a million lady by your side.

Posted by Jeepin and Fishin
Well, you’re not alone; my girlfriend likes fishing too and supports my habit. She comes along whenever she can and she even cleans the fish she catches. She’s awesome and a keeper. I love her. Jeepster

Posted by Ken Jones
Many ladies love to fish and there are several organizations set up for the distaff side. And, don’t forget Snookie whom I consider an angler par excellence!

A true story! When I was seventeen I talked my steady, and future wife, into going on an all-night fishing trip to Shelter Island Pier in San Diego. I believe the goal was sharks but that isn’t the story. We headed home about 6 a.m. in the morning and Pat quickly fell asleep—with her head on my shoulder and my right arm around her shoulder. At the time there used to be a semi-circle you had to go around on Rosecrans Ave. and when I got to that section I slowly went around the circle but apparently crossed slightly (a foot or so) into the second lane. I was going very slow, no more than 20 mph, and there were no other cars around, but I was driving with my left hand and apparently (although I’m still not sure) drifted into the inner lane. I soon saw the blinking lights of the cops behind me and was stopped. They said I had crossed over the line and gave both Pat and I tickets. My ticket was for crossing over the line, her ticket was for interfering with the driver (even though she had been asleep). Soon we both had to go to court, although to different courts. Pat had to go to Adult Court while I wound up in Juvenile Court. Pat, who is three weeks older than me and had just turned 18, didn’t even have her driving license yet. When she explained what had happened the judge excused the case—although with a warning not to interfere with the driver again. The judge in my case also tossed the case. In the 36 years since that incident Pat has accompanied me on many a fishing trip, and she has been driving for 35 years, but that is the only ticket she ever received.

By the way I was president of my high school fishing club at El Capitan High School in 1964-65 and I made sure that Pat was also a member. Unfortunately she never developed the love of the sport like me.

Posted by stinkyfingers
Ha ha. I notice that I get less tickets when my girl is in the car with me. Maybe the cops look at me and think since I have such a pretty girl I must be a nice guy – which I really am anyway. But it helps, I’m sure of it. One more added bonus of having her with me while I’m fishing – anytime I catch a fish I’m a hero to her. Feels good.

Posted by BAITFISH
I go fishing with my wife all the time! She enjoys it as long as we are catching something. She never fished before meeting me, so I chalk this up to being a novice. But then again, she always catches as many if not more fish than everyone else on the trip. But nothing is better than getting a fish and a kiss. Tight lines! Baitfish

Posted by Anchovie
WOW you’re a lucky guy if she continues to fish with you. I was tricked! Before we were married my wife and I used to go fishing all the time at Balboa Pier (till 2 AM sometimes) and even on charter boats. But from the day I said I do she hasn’t gone with me since (5 yrs) and doesn’t even clean or cook the fish. Go figure. Well, if she likes to go with you she is definitely a keeper. Congratulations, Anchovie

Posted by dave.Mush
My lady goes fishing by herself…top that. –Dave

Posted by BAITFISH
Wow! I don’t think mine would do that!

Posted by Dave McD
My wife MAKES me go fishing!!!!! When my wife and I first got together, we were overseas and she would go fishing with me sometimes because if nothing was biting we could always scoop shrimp from the shore with a dip net, that way she would keep occupied and interested…. Since we now live in San Diego and fishing can be hit or miss, she’s stopped going because she says she gets bored, but if the freezer gets empty she hands me my gear and sends me out to go catch something edible for the pan! She has actually done this twice in the ten years we’ve been married. I thought the first time she just wanted me out of the house for a while, so later on I let the stock decline again, and what do you know? She sent me out to catch fish again! Ain’t life grand! Now my five-year-old daughter goes with me on the few fishing trips we make to Shelter Island Pier, and my two-year-old son is just about ready to learn to cast, too.

Posted by Red Fish
A woman supporting ANYTHING that is important to you is going to be a plus. It shows that she is paying attention to you and also it shows that she cares. Two short stories similar to Ken’s. One: X girl. We fished most of the night @ Alameda beach while we cuddled in a blanket under moonlight and lantern light. (One good bite, that was it.) Big fun. Two: Same X. Supported me in the Chabot catfish tournament (placed third). Fished and fished with me, even though she doesn’t know how. Another X. Started to go fishing with me @ Berkeley Pier. We made it to the parking lot, and had a nice argument in the car (about what, who knows). The first X sounds like a KEEPER. It would be nice to meet a woman possibly that is also interested in fishing, and not just following along to keep me company. Otherwise, I will stick to fishing alone. Finding a woman like that is like catching a record fish, it just doesn’t happen every day. I met a couple of women that were very pretty, very feminine, and hell of fisherwomen. I not only fear them (as serious competition), I respect them (lol).

Posted by ben

My wife loves to go fishing as long as we don’t use pile worms. lol. She goes with me to Berkeley, Dumbarton, Santa Cruz. you name it. Friday night she even went catfishing with me till 3:30 in the morning. Fish on

Posted by stinkyfingers
Yeah, catfishin’ is one of her favorites. She thinks they’re so cute, with their whiskers and all. As soon as I land one, she’s all over me – “Hurry, baby – throw him back before he gets sick.” She just gets so excited every time the poles bounce. It actually increases the intensity and makes it even more thrilling for me, too. I’m smiling right now just thinking about it…And the more I do think about it, the more I think that I’m going to marry this girl. When I do, I’ll put up a quick post just let you fellas know that this fish has been landed. It might be worth it I just went down that river!

Posted by BAITFISH
Good luck stinky! It is worth it. Fishing, girls and marriage!

Posted by Ken Jones

Did I tell you pier rats about the ultimate pier romance—a marriage out at the end of the cement ship on the Seacliff State Beach Pier? A guy dressed as a naval officer married them, and they had a small band and flowers—the whole bit. I just happened to be fishing there that day and don’t know if it’s happened more than once out there but it sure was interesting (and I never found out if the bride and groom were pier rats). However, when I suggested to my daughter Kimberly that she might want to get married out at the end of a pier in honor of her father, perhaps at Pacifica, she just sort of turned up her nose and walked away. Guess a few sea gull droppings, dried bullhead slime, fish guts, and miscellaneous other interesting tidbits at the pier just didn’t appeal to her as the proper ambiance for a wedding. Of course I didn’t get married on a pier either. However, on the second morning of our honeymoon (back in ’66) I did manage to rent a rowboat and paddle out from the pier at Avalon (on Catalina) and do a little fishing. Pat watched me from the window of our hotel and says that she knew right then that she would always have to share me with the fish (the only significant other is a fish—sounds strange). But we’ve been married 34 years now so I guess we both have adjusted fairly well.

Posted by Kyle
I also saw a marriage at the Redondo Beach Sportfishing Pier.

Posted by baitfish
I knew I had a keeper when she suggested we go charter fishing on our honeymoon! Tight Lines, Baitfish

Posted by Leapin Bass
When a woman is willing to float tube in the ocean you know you’ve found the right woman!

Posted by Dave.Mush
We have a winner.

Posted by Snookie
I made sure that HE knew how to fish before I would marry HIM. We still fish together on our boat and the surf but I fish the pier without him. It is now 43 years later and we are still fishing. You see? It works both ways.

Posted by stinkyfingers
Snookie, I’ve been waiting to hear from you on the subject. I showed this whole string of messages to my girlfriend and she loved it! She was huggin’ and kissin’ away…Anyhow, she wanted me to pass on a thanks to all you folks, especially Ken, she loved your stories. We just made her an id for this board, too—she’s “stinkyswoman.” It’s nice to know that we’re all good men out there. I’ve noticed that fisherman treat their women well. Cheers to us all!

Posted by Snookie
Welcome Stinkyswoman. Snookie

Posted by Ken Jones
And now the wedding is scheduled for December! A toast to Martin and Lisa