Woah! Time To Change That Rod Tip!


I inspect and change rod tips frequently. Don't want that big fish to get away because my line sheared on a rough guide. But for my venerable bait pole, I'm less dedicated. (An understatement.) I use this pole for sabiki and/or light jigging for bait. Mostly straight up and down. So I never worry about it. Yesterday, however, I had trouble underhand casting: the line would go out a few feet and then stop abruptly. Hard to reel in as well. Took a moment to determine why. Years of light monofilament--6# test--sawing away at the tip. It was so used/abused that the tip would not come off by the usual methods. The top length of the rod itself was too trashed to fix. Fortunately for me, I also have a dozen pole parts acquired over the many years I've fished in California. I sawed the old rod at just above the reel and added a perfect 2nd half from another pole. Back in business. But I need to be more aware of this tip in the future.
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