Will any piers be closed or inaccessible with the latest stay-at-home order?

I scanned through the site and the .pdfs at Covid19.ca.gov, and while it says outdoor recreation like fishing or crabbing is allowed as long as social distance is maintained, it did note that certain facilities may close on a case by case basis.

Basically was planning on taking the kids crabbing this Sunday at SF Muni Pier. Worried that we may arrive to it being fenced off. Is there a city department to call and check?
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I read a report today that said that while fishing, as an activity, is not banned (as long as social distancing) parks, beaches and the like might be closed on a case by case basis. The state parks system seemed to make almost NO effort to inform the public via their web sites which facilities would be opened or closed in the last round. Your best bet is to call the pier or park authority and ask about present restrictions. the park personnel are still on the payroll, and are usually more than happy to advise you.

Note: For the record, I used a great deal of restraint in posting this- keeping my views on the legality, legitimacy, and wisdom of these restrictions out of the discussion. I have too much respect for Ken Jones and the people who take their time to post on these boards so that I can learn to improve my own fishing skills to bring up politics. This online community means quite a lot to me.

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I think it's going to be a town by town issue in most areas since most piers are owned by towns. Of course if the county, Los Angeles, i.e., shuts down everythng most towns will go along. Supposedly it's only those counties showing a lack of hospital beds but I noticed most Bay Area counties went ahead and shut down everything today even though they didn't need too. Kind of makes a mockery out of the county by county restrictions. What I am really worried about is more bait shops going ou of business since some were forced to close last time and have just been hanging on by a thread.
I saw a Gavin tweet that said "go fishing" (his get outside series).. I was actually at SF Muni Pier today.. Found parking around 10am, perhaps got lucky with swimmers leaving. Used up my old in the freezer for a year or more bait on a hoop net while trying some sabiki jigging for perch.. Saw lots of very small anchovies but too small for the hooks. So many very small crabs. I managed just 1 keeper rock crab (no fish) that was not that big but had good sized claws after a few hours. My bait went fast. Sea Lion was diving everyones net and some crazy people were actually throwing some food to it. A good amount of tourists but not as many. They closed off some of the doors so hard for bikes to get down there so reduced the traffic.