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Date: February 19, 2004
To: PFIC Message Board
From: Ken Jones
Subject: Which of our local species would be the favorites of the following people—and why?


Posted by Dompfa Ben — “Olive” rockfish? Greeks love them olives, right

Posted by gyozadude — Tilapia? Wasn't Socrates a proponent of “Diet” whose origins mean “Way of Life?” in reference to living by means of a peaceful agrarian society? And the logic follows that raising animals requires more pastures and therefore we'd need to go to war if we ate meat? Maybe tilapia would satisfy Socrates under these conditions?

Posted by Ken Jones — Wolf-eel? If fish could talk, I think this is a species that would make you listen. Long-lived and loyal throughout their life.

Posted by Songslinger — Anything poke poled because it involves an approach akin to the Socratic Method.

Alexander the Great

Posted by Dompfa Ben — “conquer” eel? Ow!

Posted by blahblahblah — MRE: Salmon, Tuna, Sardines, Herring...

Posted by gyozadude — An army fights on its stomach! Meals Ready to Eat with smoked or poached Salmon, Tuna, Sardines, Herring, and maybe even salted anchovies! But not cans. Too heavy to carry and requires a tool not available to his troops. Sardines in Jerk Sauce probably his favorite!

Posted by climberb9 — Lingcod

Posted by Ken Jones — No territory is safe when they are around

Posted by 2d — Mitten Crab. It's all about terrorizing and taking over.


Posted by kin — Sturgeon...a lot of time needed to understand....

Posted by gyozadude — A big old Cabezon. A big mouth and head — representing great intellect and a philosopher much spoken of. Not to mention, great for soup. White flaky flesh unparalleled in a stir-fry with snow peas. Skin and bones deep-fried as an appetizer. A big cabezon in the sack is worth three dishes on the dinner table.

Posted by saltynsoaked — China Rock fish...his a patriot

Posted by Ken Jones — Black croaker aka Chinese croaker

Posted by Ken Jones — Or monkeyface eel (prickleback). They're sitting down there under and in between those rocks contemplating the state of our society.

Posted by Songslinger — Oddly, jacksmelt because the style (or styles) of fishing for them would please Master Kung. And he would keep only the ones he needed.

John Locke

Posted by gyozadude Sturgeon. No doubt, someone who supported the idea of “Nufo-ism.” Go out there and put in your time! ... For being a beast that is still looked upon as common, and no man”s private possession, whoever has employed so much labour about any of that kind as to find and pursue her has thereby removed her from the state of Nature wherein she was common, and hath begun a property. — John Locke, 1690 2nd Treatise of Gov't

Posted by Ken Jones — White seabass. A leader among his fellow croakers as was Locke among other mere mortal men. “Give me liberty or give me death,” oops wrong continent and person (Patrick Henry) but you get the drift.

Posted by Songslinger — For his An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, a buffalo sculpin, sluggish and ponderous, not much fight and a rather grudging acceptance of things as they are.

Thomas Jefferson

Posted by gyozadude — Black Sea Bass. Jefferson had many secret likings for things black... He loved to hunt and fish, but it was mostly fresh water trout species. If he ever actual got to fish off of Southern California, black sea bass would have been his favourite. And such a large fish would have been easily divided in portions to accompany bread and fish rations to his numerous slaves.

Posted by Ken Jones — Red Irish lord, red coloring but I also think (could be wrong) that Mr. Jefferson traced his roots to Ireland. An independent thinking fish that is desired for its flesh—but not its wisdom.

Winston Churchill

Posted by saltynsoaked — Salmon, smoked of course... smoke a cigar or smoke a salmon... hmmm.

Posted by gyozadude — Halibut, no doubt the utmost fish! doubt the utmost fish!on. Bigger fillets than the measly morsels from the standard fillets of sole off UK coasts, halibut would easily satisfy Churchill's demand to resolve possible shortages through a policy of "utmost fish"

Posted by Ken Jones — Señorita since they are cigar shaped. Or English sole.


Posted by Ken Jones — Sarcastic Fringehead (or Frenchead). Small fish with a BIG attitude.

Posted by cayucosjack — Ow again — but right.

Posted by blahblahblah — garibaldi...small fish taking on a seal.

Posted by kin — king fish... only this will do!!!

Posted by saltynsoaked — California Scorpionfish

Posted by gyozadude — Ditto, Sarcastic fringehead

Posted by Pierhead — Cephaloscyllium ventriosum (swell shark)

Posted by climberb9 — Scorpion Rockfish, they can be pretty temperamental


Posted by Ken Jones — pileperch — It’s hard to out smart them. How many times do you see them circling the pilings in plain view and find them almost impossible to hook?

Woody Guthrie

Posted by Dompfa Ben — "ballad" tuna? All right, that's a stretch on bullet tuna, but... I couldn't think of a Dust Bowl reference.

Posted by Ken Jones — White croaker aka kingfish, champion of the common man, oops, I mean common fish.

Bob Dylan

Posted by Dompfa Ben — Guitarfish? How many hi-lo’s must a man cast down before you can call him a man? Yes, and how many sand crabs must die in the sun, before guitarfish lay in the sand? LMAO, The answer my friend is drifting in the tide

Posted by climberb9 — LMAO, The answer my friend is drifting in the tide, The answer is drifting in the tide.

Posted by Hara — If no one can find me, I can't be found, But if a fish can find me, you know I am around, Around the pilings or the jetty, Around the ocean and the sand, You know where I will be found

Posted by Ken Jones — Chamelon goby — He’s changed from folk singer to gospel singer to rock/folk singer to guru for many different types of music. And he’s a small man considering his enormous influence on our music for the past 40 years.


Posted by Dompha Ben — Smooth hound dog?— you ain't nothin’ but a smooth hound... rockin' me all the time...

Posted by gyozadude — smooth hound — dog fish? Two species better than one!

Posted by Ken Jones — Longspine combfish — But I'm stretching the species for this one (most anglers would never see this fish)

Posted by Songslinger — Kingfish

Posted by Red Fish — Jailhouse rockfish!


Posted by Dompfa Ben — Irish Lord of the Rings? Or a maybe a hobbit crab...or anything precious...

Posted by saltynsoaked — Garibaldi — so precious we can't fish them in our waters.

Posted by neko — Opaleye

Posted by blahblahblah — “Sting” ray

New thread — 2007

Darth Vader

Posted by paymaster — Surf Perch because they are very mushy and he could probably suck it through a straw.

Posted by 2nd — I got a ling a couple of years ago that hitchhiked on another, smaller (though of current legal size) ling. The bait was the normal greenish blue hue, but the hitchhiker was dark with red mottling. due to the coloration and propensity to eat its own kind, I promptly dubbed it the "darth maul ling." it might still be out there, all 35"+ of badness (probably a few inches longer if it hasn't been caught yet).

Posted by Red Fish — Fluuuuuuuuke....... I-- am--your Flouuuuuuunder..... Uhhh, ummm..... Luuuuuuuuke...... I--am-- your Fathhhhhhhher!!!!!!! Although, a batray does give you kind of an impression of Darth with the mask on :)

Posted by baitfish — Anaking fish

Posted by drudown — Whtespotted toadfish

Jack Nicholson

Posted by Dompha Ben — A Jack Crevalle? Jack Mackerel?

Posted by Red Fish — A shiner .... Shining.....

Posted by baitfish — China(town) Rockfish

Posted by moonshine — You want the fish?! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE FISH!!!