Where are the salmon?



It was bright forecasts about number of salmons should be returned at this season...
Not so much them in Benicia... Too early?
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Ken Jones

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They can vary by a few weeks +- each year. I assume they're late. Then again, maybe they won't make much of an appearance. Recommend you check with the local bait shops.
Most of the guys agree that the water temps have been too warm. Lots of opinions.... too much bait in the ocean they are gorging upon. Water in the dams not being released.... all sorts of opinions.
i mean the fish are there but we catchin like 1 a day versus 30-60 a day like 20 years ago
I think there are a few fish around... I saw one boiling today at first street, but I don't think we have seen any big schools come in yet. Everything
seems a month behind usual. If today were August 16th, then all this would be pretty normal.


September 17, 2019
Delta Report
By Dave Hurley

"...In Suisun Bay, Tony Lopez of Benicia Bait said, “There were five salmon landed off of the shoreline on Saturday on Vee-Zee or similar heavy spinners, and there were only 9 salmon taken off of the banks before this date. The incoming tide has been the top time..."
Were you the lucky one downtown, or did you see more than the fishing you caught? WTG
Yep, I was the only one in the shallows to catch one that morning. The next guy to my left to catch one was in the middle. He posted a youtube video of it under the account "scorpiontube712".


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Curious about the number of hours of effort needed to land a fish there. Realistically, how many hours are spent per fish landed? (Assuming the bulk of your time fishing is done during the peak part of the season.)
This was my 7th trip out. I spend about 4 hours per trip. I timed my casts to be about two minutes per cast, 30 per hour. That's 840 casts. It's been called "a fish of a thousand casts", and by my math that's about right.


Have not tried shore salmon fishing there, and would like to try. What size spinner I should use at 1st street, Benecia ? How far do I need to cast out ?