When the Ocean Beach Pier first opened...

Ken Jones

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It opened on July 2, 1966. These pictures are probably from June 1966. All photos courtesy of Moffatt & Nichol. My first visit would be a month later on August 6, 1966, just a few weeks before my marriage.

1966.6_OB Pier_Aerial.1_X copy.jpg

1966.6_OB Pier_Longest Pier.2.jpg

1966.6_OB Pier_Aerial.2_X copy.jpg

1966.6_OB Pier_Aerial.7_X copy.jpg

1966.6_OB Pier_Aerial.12_End_Channel.X copy.jpg

Mission Bay Channel

1966.6_OB Pier_Aerial.13_End_M Bay_X copy.jpg

Mission Bay in the distance

1966.6_OB Pier_Aerial.17 copy.jpg

1966.6_OB Pier_Aerial.8 copy.jpg

Point Loma kelp beds to the south of the pier

1966.6_OB Pier_Aerial.23_End of pier_X copy.jpg

End of the pier

Studies are currently underway on how to best repair and eventually rebuild the pier


SC McCarty

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This view may be simplistic, but when I look at the pictures, it seems that a slight angle would have gotten the pier a lot closer to the kelp with little, if any, extra cost and effort.