What's Wrong With This Country — Lobster

Ken Jones

Staff member
What’s Wrong With Country — Even Lobster Has No Respect for Law; Steals Deputy Sheriff’s Badge
San Diego, Aug. 25.—The whole trouble with this country is that there just isn’t any respect for the law—even among lobsters—Archie J. Hicks, publisher of the Encinitas Coast Dispatch, is convinced today. A lobster stole Hick’s special deputy sheriff’s badge.
“I was fishing for bass on the Del Mar pier, but this isn’t any fish story, it’s a lobster story,” Hicks explained to Sheriff Cooper. Hicks caught the lobster instead of a bass, he explained, but, as lobsters are out of season, he started to toss it back into the ocean. The lobster caught Hick’s shirt front with one claw as he tossed it back, and part of the shirt front and his special deputy sheriff’s star went onto the ocean with the lobster. Hicks got a new star.
—Los Angeles Times, August 27, 1931​