What's in that pier cart?

Ken Jones

Staff member
If you're a pier rat and fish the piers on a regular basis you know the need for a pier cart. Pier carts differ and what people carry reflects their individual needs. I have always believed in the 7 P's—"proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance" and feel you should be prepared for what you may face.

In the bottom of my cart is a 17"x13"x9" plastic container. It is full of miscellaneous items that do not fit into the tackle box. On top of that are my bait cooler and my tackle box. All fit snugly in the cart. On the front of the cart are three rod/reel carriers. Depending upon the need, a crab net goes on top.

People ask me what's in the tub and since I decided to organize and clean it out today here's my list. Everything is kept in separate Zip-lock bags to (1) make things easier to find and (2) to insure if there is a spillage of some type items will not get wet.

Extra hat and beanie
Hand warmers

Sunscreen — both spray and rub on
Bath wipes
De-Fishing soap — liquid and soap bar

Flashlights — large and small
Night lights — 2
Extra batteries — several types

CorosionX and WD-40 (small can)

Fillet knives — two
Knife sharpener
Cutting board — for bait or fish

An extra needle nose plier in a leather pouch that fits on a belt (one is already in the tackle box)

Fish attractants — pro-Cure and Baitmate
Light sticks
Bag of various size Sabikis
Floats for the bonito rigs
Small scale — although I am going to buy a new fish gripper and may not need the scale

Extra Ziplock bags

This is simply my list and I am sure many additional items could be added.

Brock Norris

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Pier carts In mine you will find small cooler in the bottom containing frozen water bottles lunch and bait on top of that is a plano tackle box loaded with to much tackle ha if thats possible attached pvc rod holders hoop net and rope over the top with small folding chair tucked in is a small cutting board for bait prep or filleting fish thanks Brock