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Ken Jones

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Date: January 28, 2003
To: PFIC Message Board
From: nimrod (Junior Member - Posts: 17)
Subject: G’Pa & Old Timers

PIER RATS, Old Timers. I Grew up in Huntington Beach and my G’Pa taught me how to fish. We fished all the Piers in SoCal. I am 44 now but I will never forget this memory as it is permanently etched in my mind — “Circa 1968.”

Newport Pier. 9 Years old. Southside just below the tee. G’Pa always had a Halibut Rig out. Me, I was happy catching anything.

BTW, at this point at 9 years old I could probably show all you guys how to Rig a line for whatever. HeHe! Anyhoot, I was busy catching everything I could whilst G'Pa waited for the elusive Butt. I was jigging (you guys call it a Sabiki rig) with my own home made 4 or 5 hook set up nicely adorned hooks/feathers and a Diamond Jig. No Bait on hooks as I was a poor Boy and had to catch my own meal. Believe that?

OK. Here is the story While jigging at the south end just before the tee a big man (as I remember) cast a huge shark set up and broke my line with his cast.

I went to G’Pa and told him what happend. G’Pa was always pissed if I lost tackle. G’Pa confronted the man about the situation and the man got indignant with OL G’Pa. Needless to say G’Pa would not put up with that. Oh Jeez, Here we go! G’pa told the man, you will pay me for the rig you caused my grandson to loose. 5 cents for the weight and what you figure is fair for the hooks. The man said “I will not pay you for anything.”

At this point the whole pier gathered to see what the problem was.

Long Story short: Everyone expected the young man to have his way with my G’Pa. As I remember, OL G’Pa told the young lad, go in to the Bait Shop and replace the gear and there won’t be any problem. The Crowd went silent. Well, you guessed it. The young punk came out with the goods and presented it to my G’Pa in front of the crowd in a cowering way.

Moral of the story: I'm one lucky Grandson