West Hueneme Jetty 3/6/20

SC McCarty

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I went to Silver Strand beach to collect some mussels for bait on the minus tide. While I was there I decide to try the Hueneme harbor jetty. The wind was a little stiff, and on the ocean side of the jetty, I was casting into it. I tried using a castabubble with a light weight, so my bait would drift to the bottom, but I had trouble finding the right weight, finally settling on a heavier that dropped quickly. The concept might work, but it is finicky.

On the ocean side I caught a striped perch (an uncommon catch in this area), a spotted kelpfish (I think), and a black perch ( a first for me). On the harbor side I caught two blacksmiths. All were caught on mussel on size 8 mosquito hooks. The largest was the black perch, which was less than 6". Another day of micro fishing- no keepers, but still an interesting day.