Went out on my Boat

Today anchor around cabrillo beach pier we had an event there one time, well nobody was on the pier.

Anchored about 100 yards from it, it was 16ft of water fairly clear water almost see the bottom, threw out three lines.

one hook setup on each pole, one with egg sinker slider with whole anchovie, another set out with one hook small chunk of anchovie.

the fog rolled on couldnt see 100 yard in front or around you, the pier vanished for about 30 minutes.

got one bite a small skate about 10 inches round, unhooked and released, the egg sinker didnt catch much but something was eating the bait.

stayed around about an hour the fog lifted went back to port. only me and the GF was on the boat, ive called several people, most were busy to go out.

no pictures of the fog though wish i did.

til next time.

Ken Jones

Staff member
Good to hear from you. I talked to Hashem who is in Avalon seeking out lobsters and he mentioned getting together with you.

As for the pier — it is currently closed. It's run by Los Angeles and is, I believe, one of two piers in the state that is closed, the other being the Venice Pier also managed by Los Angeles.
yeah ken, whenever you can come down, youre more than welcome aboard!!!

yeah i figured they would close it, its dumb when the beaches are open.


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Did you go for lobster yet.

I got several shorts and one legal in Avalon.

One good size opaleye and a lot of short calicos.

Ross (Redkorn) showed up as a surprise. Had not seen him in a long time.