Walk down Huntington Beach Pier 7/21

Hi everyone,

Took a brief walk down the Huntington Beach Pier this morning at about 8:00 AM. I did not do any fishing today. I saw several anglers in the parking lot heading down to the end of the pier. I saw an incoming tide, which would've been perfect conditions for surf fishing, but nobody seemed to be taking advantage of it. All of the anglers were at the end of the pier. Most anglers were using very light tackle with dropper-loop rigs baited with squid, although their sinkers seemed too heavy for their setups. I saw one angler who had caught at least 4 Topsmelt and one Pacific Chub Mackerel on squid fishing just underneath the surface, which he was keeping to use as bait for Thresher Sharks. I saw about a dozen shark poles in the water, but as there was a large group of anglers present at the end, they were in accordance with the "2 rods/hoop nets per angler" rule. I am unsure how successful the anglers were, as they had probably only been there for a short time. On the way back, I saw that someone had lost their treble hook gaff underneath the restrooms.

-Ruby's will be replaced by a restaurant. They have already put up a take-out menu, consisting of burgers, sandwiches, and smoothies.
-The 2022 U.S. Open of Surfing is starting next Saturday on 7/30 and will continue until 8/7. Structures are being set up on the beach to prepare for the event. I would not recommend fishing at the Huntington Beach Pier or at Huntington City Beach before and during the event due to the high amount of spectators for the contest.