Wahoo Willie and Sheephead Sam

Ken Jones

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Pier Fishermen — Wahoo Willie and Sheephead Sam. A song by Gary Shiebler, one of my friends who has now passed on. I first met him at the Fred Hall Show when his band was the The Durados and later it became the World's Greatest Fishing Band. I once asked him if we could use his tunes for UPSAC and PFIC and he said sure which I was thought was exceptional for a singer with a band but he was good hearted and cared for fishing. This song shows, I think, that he knew knew his pier fishermen from the time he spent fishing on piers. For some reason I always imagined this being two anglers on the San Clemente Pier (although the piers at Avalon would make more sense).



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Great music!
Fishing and music are a natural fit. Think about the Hukilau.
The great Don Ho:
"And all the ama ama come a-swimming to me"
I'm so hungry I'd settle for a mullet.🙂
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