Veterans Memorial Pier October 12th "One of this and One of that".

Fishman Fishman

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Beautiful but windy day on the pier. Caught and released the following: 1 short Calico Bass, 1 short Sand Bass, 1 Yellowfin Croaker, 1 White Croaker aka Tom Cod, 1 Smelt and 2 small Bat Rays.

Other fish caught at midpier was a Shovelnose Guitarfish and a short Halibut. Both released.

Fun day on the pier! Good luck everyone!


Brock Norris

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Fishman way to go . I was planning on going but thought the wind would shut down the fishing . Wrong glad you caught fish.what bait were you using . Im trying to catch a legal halibut, so far only shorts . thanks for the report