Using shrimp for perch

Ken Jones

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Date: November 13, 2001
To: PFIC Message Board
From: barredperch

Subject: How to hook shrimp bait correctly?

I used shrimp pieces as bait for some perches. But the fish always successfully eat my bait without getting hooked so I can only feel some bites. I was using #6 bait holder hooks, can anyone give me some tips? Thanks!

Posted by castlebravo

I use octopus hooks and keep the bait size small.

Posted by salty nick

I’ll go as small as size #10 for perch and cover the hook with a small piece of shrimp. Salty.

Posted by Ed

I watch people get skunked on piers all the time because they haven’t bothered to ask this question or observe what others are doing. The main reason, far and away is using hooks and/or baits that are too large. When you are feeling the bites but not hooking them, go to smaller hooks and baits and see if that works. When I bring my daughters to a pier I rig them up with nothing larger than #8, and usually smaller and just put a very small piece of bait on. You do not need to cover the hook to hide it. The fish that you'll catch most often on piers are not that picky. Ed

Posted by Corbinaman1

Small Hooks/Small Bait Pieces — That is the ticket to catching barred perch...I use size 10 hooks...also works for corbina.

Date: February 20, 2002
From: dazex
Subject: Need advice for hook sizes

Hello guys and gals. I was wondering if you can help me build up my arsenal. What are some hook types and sizes I should have for inshore fishing? I am trying to target surfperch and corbina, as well as fish from the piers for opaleye and sand bass. Thanks for your knowledge and help. -Dazex

Posted by Snookie

Welcome to the board Dazex. There are many good hooks out there now, and you really can’t go wrong with most of them. For myself, I have been using Mustad 92553 for at least 40 years. They are octopus beak hooks. I use numbers 1/0, 1, 2, 4, and 6 and also 12 for my snaglines. Most of the time I am using 2’s. It is rare to need anything bigger unless you are fishing big fish like marlin or swordfish. Even the big bluefins prefer small hooks or they tend to spook. Sometimes your bait will dictate what size hook you need to use.
Good luck, Snookie

Posted by Baitfish

I like Gamakatsu Size 6 baitholders as a general all around hook. It works for just about any bait. If I am fishing sand crabs on a Carolina rig, I really like the size 6 Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hook, one of the best hooks, I also like Gamakatsu Octopus size 6 nickel color, but the dropshots are a thinner style that seems to penetrate better, plus the deeper bend in the hook allows for more crabs. For sharks and rays I like a 3/0-7/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hook on a sliding rig. I will sometimes use a #2-#4 baitholder when fishing with a large dead anchovy for croaker, but I rarely fish anchovy. Mustad hooks are ok for perch as well, and they are cheap if you are starting out. Owners make a decent octopus hook as well, but I prefer Gamakatsu, plus they are usually less expensive that the Owners. Adam

Posted by Ken Jones

If I am fishing for perch, I use size 6 or size 8 baitholder hooks, most often the Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp hooks (although most brands will work fine). For shrimp, use a fairly small piece of the shrimp, just enough to cover the hook while leaving the tip of the barb exposed outside the shrimp. For worms, I simply thread them on the hook while again leaving the tip of the barb exposed. You only use a small section of the worm for each fish (basically the length of the hook); using a whole worm simply means most of the worm will be munched off by fish without/before being hooked.