UPSAC 2006 Fred Hall Show: some old faces

Ken Jones

Staff member
Some good memories of a better time.

The UPSAC crew at the 2006 Fred Hall Show
Front Row — KJ, Mahigeer (Hashem), Gordo Grande (Ross), Baitfish (Adam), Santa (Mike)
Back Row — Oscar, Cheryl, Rooster Queen (Rebecca)

Mahigeer (Hashem) and Gordo Grande (Ross)

Baitfish (Adam)

Santa (Mike Spence)


Senior Member
2006 Fred Hall Show was the first time I met the members of PFIC in person.

It was then, when I found out about the Catalina GTG, where Adam and Rebecca did a fantastic job of hosting.
My wife said the GTG trip was my BD present the first time. After returning from the first one, I told her it going to be a yearly trip for me.