Updating my stats...

Ken Jones

Staff member
During every fishing trip I enter the data—date, times, pier, fish, misc. on 3x5 cards. That information is then entered into my yearly running record when I return to my home computer. At the end of the year everything is double checked and I have my yearly totals which are then entered into several additional data sheets. Yesterday, I completed my 2020 figures which, given Covid-19 and the reduced number of fishing trips, reflect far lower than normal totals but it is what it is.

2020 — 8 total trips and 237 fish of 35 different species.

SoCal — 8 piers visited, 156 fish and 16 species.

CenCal — 4 piers visited, 81 fish and 21 species.

For the first time in MANY years no trips to the San Francisco Bay Area piers or NorCal piers and no new piers. All will be targets this year.

Totals to date, 1962-2020: CA Piers (130) — 115 CA saltwater piers, 8 Carquinez Strait-West Delta piers, and 7 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta piers

Fish species 1962-2020: Total CA pier species (142) — 131 saltwater species, 11 additional freshwater species