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Ken, you got me reading pier articles again, reminiscing. I remember the old pier when they had a party boat that picked up people. All the asians would ask for the free fish heads that would be thrown in the water.

There were very big sharks that were caught there too. Some were the length from piling to piling. There is even the story of he big hammer head that was caught that followed the party boat in.
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Ken Jones

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I remember talking to Kathie Morgan (who's quoted in the article). She was a fellow member of the Outdoor Writer's Association of California and writes for the Fish Sniffer. She worked on those boats and had some great stories. I wish I had written a few more down.


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Have you ever spoken with Tom, with the yellowtail pic, on the crystal pier page about Imperial Beach pier (IB)? He grew up with my older brother fishing IB. A few months ago, when fishing was slow, I spent a few hours talking to him about the old pier. He's got lots of stories about the IB pier also. Im a few years younger but I do remember being on the pier when the actual events occured. Lol My mom wouldn't let me fish with the big kids who cursed a lot, so I was always at a distance.