Underwater footage at Catalina Mole.


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These links are for recording of underwater footage of scenes at the Cabrillo Mole, Avalon, on Santa Catalina island.

I had little control over where camera can be pointed at, due to small cable connecting the camera to the monitor.
Next time I will have sections of 1/2” PVC to attach to the camera head. It will allow me to point to direction as I see fit. Should provide better recordings.
Post to follow.
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Glad it is liked.

In the second video, I see some sheephead and a lot of opaleyes.

I thought I would see some lost tackle, sinker, or lures.

Next trip (possibly 5/19-5/21).


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So cool! Thanks for posting the videos!! So amazing to see the number of fish in those waters! In the first video at 1:40, there is a nice sized Calico Bass that appears in the lower left hand corner of the shot for a few seconds.

Excited to see what it will be like with the PVC attachment!


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Some daylight footage of underwater scene at the Catalina Mole. Enjoy it in full screen mode.
This was recorded in 2014, when there was a lot of kelp. Used a different camera system with PVC pipes attached to the camera head.
At places, I am panning a bit faster than I should.



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Very cool footage, I didn't expect to see so many sheephead at the bottom. In the second video, at the 1:45 mark, a pair of relatively large sea chub swim towards the camera. Pausing the footage, one can see they have bronze/orange stripes on its face, while also lacking vertical bars, which makes me think they might be Lowfin Chub (Kyphosus vaigiensis), likely another warm-water vagrant.


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I was wondering what they were?

Good possibility to go back on 4/19-21. Waiting to hear from hotel manager for some rate reduction.
Made my ferry reservation already. Now it is 6:30 AM from LB and 7:30 from Avalon.

Want to join me?


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I will be in the middle of midterms by then, so I don't think I will be able to join you. Good to know the ferry times have been somewhat extended.