Umbrella Nets

SC McCarty

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I was at Goleta on Saturday, and the place was swarming with bait. I tried to snag some , but was unsuccessful.

In the past, I have seen people using umbrella nets, but I am not sure if they qualify as hand held dip nets. Does anyone know for sure?

Ken Jones

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Yes, you can use them in SoCal; you can not use the throw nets used in SF Bay.

From PFIC, 2nd Ed. — Drop Nets (also called Umbrella Drop Nets). Live bait, especially live anchovies, are by far the best bait for several species off of southern California piers. At the same time, fewer and fewer piers are offering live bait. In response, an increasing number of anglers are purchasing drop nets and catching their own bait. These nets are sold at many tackle shops, are easy to use, and usually will produce bait. The nets, 3 1/2 feet square, are attached to a rope and lowered into the water. Usually a few pieces of bread are sprinkled just above the net which attracts anchovies or smelt and the small fish are then pulled up to the pier via the net.

SC McCarty

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Thanks Ken,

I have your second edition (and previously had the first), and had read that section, but I just wanted to be sure that "hand held" did not imply having a handle. I'll take your word for it.