UFO at the Goleta Pier?

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Date: October 8, 2005
To: PFIC Message Board
From: Seabass_Seeker

First notes please forgive any spelling and grammatical errors. Keep in mind content has been edited for younger readers. And one more thing this is a FIRST hand report, please enjoy :)
For those of you I haven’t had the fortune to meet yet, I am a young man of Asian decent, who was born in the US and lives like any other American striving for my American Dream. Thus so far I have lived in two worlds, the world of science, and, going back to my Asian roots, a world of superstition. The latter being a place where both good and evil forces, ultimately deriving from nature, live in equilibrium; a world of the shaman, witches and strange creatures. The former, a world where humans are constantly striving to prove “what is real” and yet the minds of humans have always had questions unable to be answered by science. Some such as “are we the only consciencous thinking animal?” or maybe “are we the only beings able to control our environment to better suit our needs as well as give us the upper hand in order to survive?” Well what about the most notorious of them all, “are we alone in this vast universe?” All if not more of these questions ran through my mind as the course of tonight’s events blended both my worlds into the only topic, which can, UFOs and ALIENS.
The sun had yet begun to wander over the College campus to the west when I arrived at my second home, Goleta Public Pier. All was pretty much like any other fall day, a few anglers here and there, UCSB joggers, tourists etc. Having spotted my friend Robbie, I set up in Martin’s usual spot and shoot to the kelp in the hunt for rockfish and bass. Since I had to rush out here after work, I neglected to bring my bait, and Robbie, relying on the assumed predictable mackerel, only brought the metal. He was working his Kroc while I bread chummed smelt. Luckily, after some scavenging we also found some abandoned salted anchovies.
This afternoon was anything but predictable; unlike the past few days which conditions had been glassy, winds to 40-mph howled from the east, then changing directions to south and finally as the twilight settled, from the north. The so-assumed predictable mackerel must have made an unpredictable left instead of right at Albuquerque because they were plainly gone, and with them the game fish.
As dusk set in I was ready to call it quits. As I was cleaning up a group of boys asked Robbie if he could help them retrieve the top end of a pole they had dropped into the water with his crab net. After the successful search and rescue I inform Robbie of my situation; cold and hungry I was going to start packing up. As I clipped one of my circle hooks and a one oz bank sinker one of the Hispanic boys came up to me.
“You see that funny looking star? Is that a plane or something?” To which I promptly answered “it's probably a satellite.”
“But no it’s moving kind of fast and blinking.”
After careful observation I noticed the object had a strobing effect growing brighter and dimmer along with an irregular flight path. My response; gathering everyone on the end of the pier as witnesses. We all may have stared at the object for more than thirty minutes. It would zoom from place to place, sometimes hovering, sometimes retracing its own flight path.
Donblaze’s crew was out at the end, one their party members recounted he had seen stuff like that before and was not too surprised. While he kept his cool, my vocabulary reduced itself to sixth-grade level. “What the frig is it doing?” and “its just friggin playin with us man” were remarks floating into the dark waters from the mildly lit pier.
The best description of the object would be that the light emitted from it was about the size of the star, although it was strobe brighter and dimmer than stars. I wouldn’t really call it strobing more like a VERY exaggerated twinkling like that of the stars but with great contrasts.

The climax of the “sighting” was when two red lights appeared from over the ocean to the east in a flight pattern in a headlong dash toward the object. As they came closer we realized them to be two aircraft as we could barely make out the distinction between the red and white lights. These planes were making a headlong dash straight for the “object.” If the size of lights of the plane could give any amount of estimate to the altitude of the plane, we were convinced this thing was definitely in the upper atmosphere. As one plane proceeded to one side of the object, it appeared to hover in one spot, and soon bursts of light much like the object itself were seen by all pier goers (tourists who wandered by also).
Preparing for a cosmic battle, I was armed to the teeth with my 7-ft Uglystik intercoastal across my chest, enhanced by an Okuma Avenger AV50. Included in my arsenal were not one but TWO #4 mutu light owner hooks and as my side-arm a 1-oz bank sinker, capable of accurately hitting targets 50-75yds away and infamous for leading rebel “greenbacks” to their doom.
But then for some reason the planes weren’t making the flanking maneuver we imagined but kept on going. Ok maybe not alien but now government test aircraft was totally legit. About this time the object, first seen on the east side going south, doubles back north.
Kaveman's friend Paul showed up looking for shark only to find a UFO. He commented, “I was in the Air force and I have never seen anything like that.” And brought up a possible weather balloon, which may have explained the visit of the aircraft earlier. But then why would a weather balloon retrace its path and how would it be possible to appear to be moving so fast?
Finally the object was over the Santa Barbara skyline and seemed to be headed over the mountains when, it passes in front of the mountains. “IT'S LANDING!” Then, it passes in front of the trees, “What the HECK!?” meanwhile keeping the same characteristics. And finally comes to hover above the slough.
Without much thought into the matter Robbie and I race down the pier, all the while keeping a fixed glare upon the (hopefully) soon to be identified flying object. We jumped into his truck parked at the base of the pier and rode down to the edge of the parking lot.
There the object hovered, still in its same unpredictable flight path and 9 feet under an... alien? “Hello?” Only this being was from no other place than that of this very earth! “Good evening!” Extended from his hand a 7-foot conventional tied with 30-lb test to a KITE!!! The kite had an LED fixed to the tail and had been reported 400 YARDS OFSHORE!!!
As reality hit us, so did the 50-degree night air with -10 degree wind-chill. The adrenaline fading we both decide to call it a night. The only “Men in Black” tonight were the young men suited up for the Dos Pueblos High School Homecoming Dance who were with their dates to eat at the Seaside Cafe.
Even though it turned out the “object” was just a kite, the experience felt on the pier was genuine. No one knew it was a kite, but everyone did marvel at the unexplained and beauty of that which is unknown. We live in times where we believe we are comfortable with the world around us since science and technology are the ways to the future, yet the very moment something goes unexplained our minds revert to the old, undying ways of superstition and marvel for the world around us.
Thanks to pierhead for original pic

Posted by riorust

Very well written! You had me going for a minute there ;)

Posted by 805_alive

Man, the one day I don’t go is the day we get visited by aliens. Bummer. Hey that was a pretty good read though. You gonna be there tomorrow?

Posted by pierhead

Some background ...Jesse (Amo_Pescare) and I encountered ‘Mr. Kite’ several weeks ago when he was flying a 4’ kite in the shape of a plane on 4000’ (he said) of line ... directly over the incoming flight path for Goleta airport. When Jesse mentioned to him that he could be creating a hazard for aircraft his response was a truculent “so let them move the (bleep) airport.” My guess is that he is looking for a confrontation... so let’s be careful around him.

Posted by dompfa ben

For the benefit of Mr. Kite, there will be a show tonight! On Trampolines! On that note, if he insists on flying a kite in the approach path of an airport, I think a call to the authorities is in order...then the only flashing red lights will be on the tops of the Crown Victorias coming to pick him up.

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Be careful out there...

Oct. 11, 1973 — Pascagoula, Mississippi


It was a good night for fishing in Pascagoula. The hardheads and croakers were in season, and Charlie Hickson, 42, and his 19-year-old fishing buddy, Calvin Parker, were putting out their lines in a favorite spot on an old pier near the Schaupeter Shipyard. There was a soft breeze off the water, and the gentle sound of the waves lapping up against the hulk of the abandoned pier.
A few hours later the men were in a state of shock, relating a terrifying experience to Sheriff Fred Diamond. A bright blue object emitting a hazy light had appeared from the sky, Charlie and Calvin said, and had hovered a few yards from them. It was huge and shaped like a fish. Three creatures got out and approached the men. They were small, with wrinkled skin, claw like hands, and pointed ears. Calvin fainted dead away, but Charlie, although in a state of semi shock, remembers being taken into the craft. The creatures did not touch Charlie but rather “floated” him along in what he experienced as a weightless state.
Once inside he was examined carefully by being placed in front of an instrument that resembled a large eye. After the examination, he was “floated” back to the pier. Calvin was unconscious throughout, and as far as he knows, he was not taken aboard.
The two men were in such a profound state of shock that Sheriff Diamond was afraid they were going to have heart attacks as they gasped out their story. Eventually they calmed down enough to try to talk coherently about their experience, and Dr. James Harder of the University of California hypnotized them in an attempt to elicit a more detailed account.
“These are not imbalanced men,” Dr. Harder commented. “They’re not crackpots. There was definitely something here that was not terrestrial, not of the earth.”

Eyewitness Report

“There was me, with just a spinning reel, and Calvin went hysterical on me. You can’t imagine how it was.” —Charlie Hickson

Official Comment

“Where they are coming from and why they are here is a matter of conjecture, but the fact that they were here on this planet is beyond reasonable doubt…. A strange craft from another planet did land in Mississippi.” Dr. J. Allen Hynek, scientific consultant to Air Force Project Blue Book.

The People’s Almanac #2 — Pages 602-603