Two Harbors, Catalina Island - Pier Fishing Allowed?

I was thinking of heading over to Two Harbors for a day and was wondering if fishing is allowed in any nearby pier in that area?

Also - We are planning on spending the day at Harbor Sands beach area so if you guys know of any shore fishing areas in that vicinity please let know as it will be my 1st time visiting this area.

Thanks in advance!


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it has been a long time since I was there.

There is a very small pier at Isthmus Cove where the Catalina Express boats drop passenger on and off.

Some times big sheephead can be caught there. You can walk about 15 min to Catalina Harbor and fish there.

Do not take any ghost shrimp in that area. It is not allowed.

I have two long posts from there, if I can find them.

Don't know where Harbor Sands Beach is.

The boats from San Pedro are mostly small single hull boats. If you easily get seasick. Just a heads up.

Ken Jones

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The last I heard there was a no fishing sign on the pier at the Isthmus Cove where the ferry boats land. You can shore fish or head over the short distance to Cat Harbor which offers up some good fishing. I caught some very nice fish from their floating docks.


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In 2020 there was a no fishing sign on the Isthmus pier. There are some rocks near the campsite with decent whitefish/sheephead fishing, and, if they are around, good bonito fishing. There is also Cat Harbor, on the southern shoreline, right before the yacht club, there is excellent leopard shark fishing, and on the other side, there is decent bass/halibut fishing all along the shoreline. On the other side, there is decent halibut fishing past the floating docks, and, as Ken mentioned, the docks are a good spot.