Two Harbors 7/30-8/1


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Solo 3 day camping/fishing trip to Two Harbors.

Slow fishing. Fishing off the rocks yielded only one bat ray, Garibaldi, short calico, and many, many largemouth blennies.

Fishing in Cat Harbor was similarly slow. I only managed two shovelnose guitarfish, one leopard shark, and countless round stingrays on bait. Fishing a lure, I was able to catch four spotted bay bass and one barred sand bass. There were many mullet in the harbor, but I had no vegetable baits.

The water was very warm ~70° F. The fish only bit in the early morning hours. There was only one other person fishing, and they managed a legal sheephead. The Isthmus pier was still closed to fishing.

All fish released other than the leopard shark which was hooked very deeply and was bleeding profusely.


Ken Jones

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Love the picture of the largemouth blennyl; hate the no fishing sign. I missed my birthday trip to Avalon this year, hoping for a trip in the fall.