Tsunami Trophy 2


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I've got a Tsunami Trophy 2, 11', heavy, 4-6 oz.
Is somebody has experience for casting weights over 6 oz. by that rod? How it is risky?


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Be sure to use tape on your finger/s if you have braid on your reel.

There is a trigger you can install on the rod to keep braid off your finger.


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The name of the item Mahigeer is referencing is called a breakaway casting cannon. A lot of the surf shark fisherman use them for spinners with heavy weights and baits.


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Thanks everybody. I already bought finger protector. Any opinions about breaking that rod (4-6oz. lure) by casting weights over 6oz.?
How heavy weight could I cast? And how it will decrease casting distance?
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Thanks Makairaa.

If the weight of the bait and sinker bends the rod before casting, it is too much and it will reduce the casting distance.

The timing of the release of the line is also a factor. Noting beats practice.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice.