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I recently came across an amazing YouTube channel on how to service certain fishing reels. It's a great resource for anyone who wants to service their own fishing reels. From watching the videos, I finally mustered the courage to break apart one of my baitrunner reels to service it and it was a success. Please show him some support, subscribe, and spread the word.


If you need your reels serviced, contact

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I've heard of Alan Tani. Unfortunately, his site only has visuals and not videos.
Perhaps 🤔 Alan will do a series of videos on reel repair in the near future? I went to a handful of seminars he had 10 years ago in person. He is really good and really fast, therefore, I only learned a limited amount while he fixed my reels. Most of them didn’t have anything particularly wrong, although he re-greased them and put new drag washers. The majority of my reels were solidly made Japanese or USA reels and require(d) very little maintenance. I have a 20 year old Newell 454-C that I just ordered a new clicker for. Carl Newell put just too many graphite pieces on an all graphite reel. Graphite clickers and graphite 5 stars are not the way to go. I have replaced both but that is the only real reel maintenance in 20 years (other than Alan going over it once. I have a Penn 525, 555, 25LD, all 20 years old, all solid as a rock and still fishing the SF Bay all the time from sharks to sturgeon.

That being said, Alan wasn’t servicing spinning reels to my knowledge? The guy in your videos is good Bill, as I watched the 1 6500 B video. I like how he does “cause and effect” and guesses what it might be before taking the reel apart. There is a guy online, “2nd Chance Tackle,” that is the best I’ve seen at taking Penns apart/restoring old ones (even the GS’s like I have) and getting them fishable again.

One last thing about spinners: The spinners I’ve bought that had quality, I never had to service them and used them for years until they were worn out (Shimano Sedona 4000’s for example). The larger reels, Shimano 650, 6500B, 4500B, Black & Gold Penn Spinfisher 750, 9500SS, all, never wore out, never needed service.

I personally don’t think 🤔 the new stuff has the quality in certain reels,
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