Ken Jones

Staff member
My postman dropped off the mail and as usual lately on these 90+ degree days I offered him a cold bottle of water. He's getting ready to go on vacation and mentioned he might head to San Diego to get out of the heat. In response, I talked to him a little about pier fishing in San Diego and what seemed to be happening in the southland. He then whips out his cell phone and menttioned that he and his brother had just gone fishing at Huntington Lake and he had a picture of of six trout laying on the bank ranging in size from one to three pounds. "In a boat?" "No, off the shoreline." He said his brother got mad when he caught the three pounder. Perhaps I need to head up to Huntington which is a beautiful lake at around 7,000 feet and It's always at least 20 degrees cooler than Fresno. Plus, when I've fished it I've always caught some trout even though I am not a freshwater fisherman. In the meantime I gave him some PFIC cards and told him to check out PFIC with his friends. It's always good to have friends who are fishermen.