Trinidad Pier

That is a surprise. Uasually there are greenling by the rocks and perch by the pilings. Humbolt has spanked my my last two trips. That calls for REVENGE ! lol Thanks for the report'

Red Fish

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Fished my Birthday/Fathers Day for a FAT SKUNK

Used salted cocktail shrimp and clams for bait.

Artificials were made up of Gulp Sandworms, Mullet, and some Swimbaits.......

Hey........I TRIED
Wow, you got out to Trinidad Pier, nice! I have only been there once about 3 years ago. A tough pier, but I think shiners are a deadly bait there for lingcod, frozen or live. Seems like some shiners are to be caught next to that huge rock in the water near the base of the pier on the north side.